Inspiring & supporting
educational journeys

What we do

We are an experienced team of educators, business and community activists who support and encourage the development of potential. We work with students, parents and schools in the communities of Southill, Ballinacurra Weston, St Marys Park and Moyross.

We're here to help

We're here to help individual students to realise their potential, using the education system with our support and encouragement. We start early in the primary school years in their community setting, working with students and families. We encourage links with all the mainstream initiatives available to support their educational journey through primary school, second level and through to college graduation. Engage creates a personal and family support pathway to success. We say to parents Engage with the educational system in the knowledge that a locally based support structure is here to help.


Laying the Foundation

6th Class to 3rd Year.

A 4-year programme (6th class to 3rd year) providing students with various group supports, interventions, activities & workshops throughout the academic year. It is broken in to three phases:

  1. Mentoring/guidance/ 3rd level role models (6th class)
  2. Transition programme (6th class to 1st year)
  3. Academic & personal development, Junior Cert support (2nd & 3rd year).

  • Support: The Nurture Programme includes visits to colleges, local businesses, access to study clubs, extra tuition, and workshops.
  • Mentoring: Students provide positive peer support to each other and mentoring & role modeling is provided by college students and Engage alumni.
  • Parent Support: Parents are provided with information in relation to the education system, adult education, and personal development.
  • Nurture puts a keen focus on 6th class students as they transition into secondary school.


Inspiring & supporting educational achievement

Compass - 5th & 6th Year, and 1-year PLC.

A 3-year programme supporting senior cycle and further education students in 5th and 6th year and 1-year Post Leaving Cert course (PLC).

  • Leaving Cert Support: Students receive Leaving Cert support, paid extra tuition and Leaving Cert revision courses allowing students with limited resources to compete with more affluent students.
  • Mentoring: The programme also includes mentoring, access to language courses, workshops (mental wellbeing, career guidance and CV/ interview, study, & communication skills). We also provide parent support groups.  
  • Networking: Students attend activities and network meetings throughout the academic year. This includes visits to colleges or local businesses.  
  • PLC Support: Students who progress to PLC courses receive a financial grant, peer support and attend workshops with our college students and alumni.


Supporting the Adventure

4-year undergraduate programme

  • Support: Students receive a participation grant and group support meetings workshops throughout the academic year.
  • Group networking: The content of the group meetings is developed around the needs of the student group, external speakers give talks in relation to mental health, CV, job application and interview skills. The group meetings act as a support mechanism for college students. 
  • Mentoring & Development: Third level students are expected to act as role models and participate in project activities with younger students. Students are also offered personal and professional workshops in relation to study techniques, time management, personal health, and financial planning.